Katie Ricketts

Katie Ricketts

Katie is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing an individual major in Astrobiology with Emphasis on Human Physiology. With strong interests in both biological and space sciences, she found that no existing major would allow her to pursue these passions simultaneously, so she designed her own curriculum with an in-depth study of human biology as well as astrophysics, planetary sciences, and aerospace engineering. Katie aims to study the effects of spaceflight on the human body.

As a part of the HRVIP Lab, Katie is supporting the Space Ambulance project.

Outside of the lab, Katie enjoys sharing her passion for space with others. She has designed, built, and presented interactive booths to teach elementary school children about various space topics, and works as a Roofhelper for an astronomy lab class at UC Davis, where she teaches students the basics of telescope use and how to navigate the night sky.

In her free time, Katie enjoys reading, playing guitar, running, cycling, and spending time outdoors.